Commercial Real Estate

Maintainable code and visual consistency across the user interface.

Commercial Real Estate

I was the sole front-end developer working closely with a highly talented team of developers, product owners, UX and design. Paying particular attention to mobile devices, I completely rebuilt some complex elements and entire pages, bringing them to life across a wide range of device sizes. During my employment, the site experienced:

  • a 400% increase in session per month
  • a 600% increase in session to mobile during that period
  • 71% improvement to bounce rate for the same period
Commercial Real Estate agent profile
Commercial Real Estate mobile search


I was tasked with cleaning up the front end and creating a maintainable and flexible architecture. My objective was to create an architecture that was well documented with guidelines that could be easily followed. I also wanted to create a consistency across the user interface by taking a more reusable, modular approach to the components used throughout.

Implementing front-end tooling was a key part of the strategy. Using SASS and Gulp, I structured the CSS in a more workable way using an approach based on Atomic, BEM and SMACSS methodologies. I was able to take  advantage of SASS features to standardise elements like colours and breakpoints across the site.

SASS structure
SASS structure